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Tango and Gypsy Energy

A mix of Tango and Balkan music, is that possible?

Definitely, yes! Balkan Airs, the new project of Otros Aires, one of the most important and successful contemporary tango bands of the last decade, and the Bulgarian producer Boyko Petkov, is the best proof for it. Balkan Airs is composed by the Balkans and Argentina, the origins of the musicians. The idea for this special collaboration occurred in 2012. Boyko arranged the Otros Aires Song “Los Vino” in Balkan style for his Ethno project “Chalga”. This version was so successful that it wasn’t very difficult to convince Miguel Di Genova from Otros Aires to launch a new project in order to join the Argentinian milonga with gypsy music. 
The work on this album lasted 4 years and was made on 2 continents. While Boyko Petkov produced in his studio in Sofia, Miguel Di Genova recorded vocal and piano parts in Buenos Aires. The biggest challenge was to find the right balance between milonga and gypsy style. This required to not limit the energy of the tango by the sound force of a gypsy band. Another difficulty was that the musicians never met physically. Most of the songs were composed originally by Miguel di Genova for Otros Aires. Boyko on the other hand side contributed with „Aide Ko Pazari“ and “Romano Chavo” two compositions, that are based on gypsy traditionals. “Milonga Sentimental“ and „La Yumba“ are classical tango tunes by other renown composers. 
The new album „Balkan Airs” is phenomenal mix of two great musical cultures between Argentina and the Balkans. Two musical languages that are mixed together to a melodic, catchy new genre that will convince both fans of Otros Aires and Gypsy fans.
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